Always Real. Always Raw.

What do you do when you know someone that always has a solution?

Talk to them, even if you know you on some bullshit and they’re gonna let you know it while still giving sound advice. That’s what people do…they talk to me!

Beyond listening, I provide truth, answers and perspective.

I DO NOT sugarcoat my advice, my mother NEVER sugarcoated ANYTHING for me (seriously, she was rough!) I have grown to benefit from that practice and employ the same practice with all advice given. My intention is never untruthful nor malicious, what I tell you is what I would tell my baby sister or my best friend, I have no picks… 

So, if you’re still reading, you’re at least curious!! You might as well pull up a chair, a cup of coffee, light somethin’…throw on some Eryka Badu (I’m frontin) put on some Meek and step from the sublime to the ridiculous with me, shit’s crazy in here! Always Real. Always Raw.

Always Real, Always Raw.

Cultivated Socialite

Leah B is a cultivated socialite with an undying passion for providing advice and sharing perspective on an extensive realm of topics. Her innate ability to listen, observe, analyze and articulate creates a distinctive point of view that captivates the minds of many. Although she is a native of Philadelphia, Leah’s horizons are vast. She is an avid traveler who constantly seizes opportunities to learn through experience and magnify the capacity of her lens. Without further ado, it is my honor to unveil the blog world’s diamond in the rough, Miss Leah B.

Leah B.

Early on, Leah learned a vital skill that would become invaluable as she embarked on her Journey of Life. She was raised by a single-mother who refused to filter the impurities of the world that we live in. Her mother displayed assiduous perseverance as she consistently proved her worth as a powerful black woman in a male dominated workforce. As a child, Leah became her mother’s first sounding board. She fondly recalls days where her mother would come home from work and provide an uncensored account of her day. Leah would sit engrossed as her mother vented about the condescending lawyer whose case she was assigned or how some of her colleagues were just “fucking rude” as she zipped around the room preparing her outfit for the next day. Although she was unable to respond, Leah would remain engaged in the conversation with her mind absorbing every detail. Her mother’s unfiltered and honest parental approach would eventually equip Leah with all that she needed to navigate a purpose driven life. Her mother is Pure Fire and it was not long before Leah began igniting sparks of her own.

During her adolescent years, Leah was extremely inquisitive. Her keen sense of curiosity was problematic in some regards, but rewarding in many more. Leah would insert herself in many situations and applied focused detail to every story, challenge and circumstance that she encountered. As a result, she developed great analytical abilities, she learned to identify the value in the valleys, and was able to triumph.

As she approached adulthood, Leah developed a comprehensive sense of social awareness and the ability to have a profound positive effect on others. People from different facets of her life saw great value in the advice that Leah had to offer, as well as the information that she had to share. Leah was able to enlighten, motivate and entertain many people, while also helping them through some of the most trying times of their lives. Ironically, this stage of Leah’s journey brought many obstacles where she needed just as much advice as she was disseminating to others. Nevertheless, after many moments of deep reflection, Leah realized that all she needed was within in her. Once again, she was able to use her inherent wisdom to propel her to higher heights.