When: Friday Night/Morning

Who: 4 Drunk Girls

Where: Rittenhouse Philadelphia, PA

Why: Recommendation/Intoxication

How: Dopest Lyft Driver Ever!

By the time we got to Village Whiskey I was drunk. I remember parts of the night, not all of it but the best parts. Village Whiskey was definitely the best part of the entire night! 

Now that we got that out of the way…the four sistas start the evening at a beer garden in Independence Mall, fucking fail… After getting ID’s checked and me trying by damndest to conceal the flask of Tito’s (the only thing I’ll drink) in my back pocket that I suspect is too full so is dripping a lil. I need the bouncer to not watch my ass as I sashay into this garden of what looks like a thousand bodies. We make one full rotation through adults, children (yup, at a beer garden) frat boys, men on the prowl, date rape candidates and servers; We out. 

We attempt to go to Oyster House’s happy hour…Nope, missed that! 

Went to another restaurant whose name is not worth mentioning, this is where the intoxication begins; we order a bunch of items family style and dig in. Food is ok but my drink is the best part, partly because I’m able to infuse additional Tito’s from my flask. Not remarkable but gets the job done. On to the next forgettable bar that is within walking distance, it’s a beautiful night so we’re moving through the streets comfortably. I order my normal double-triple shots and the night is proceeding. We buy some raffle tickets off a softball team at the bar and have a great time losing. Once the decision is made to move onto the next bar, a Lyft is called. Not sure who made the decision to go to Village Whiskey but someone ordered the Lyft for that location. 

Upon arrival I immediately observe the design and ambiance…Nice 

The bartender was friendly, helpful and handsome; he was extremely helpful with choosing the best options for our taste buds along with beverage pairings. I immediately ordered a Double shot of Tito’s with ginger ale and ice on the side, the famous duck fat French fries and a Village Burger with smoked bacon and a fried egg…Perfection! 

 The handmade patty was seasoned well, it was hearty (very important for $13), bun was toasted perfectly, egg was fried without flaw and the smoked bacon had just the right amount of crisp without being too hard. My little slice of heaven arrived piping hot and was followed closely by additional condiments of my choice available with my friendly bartender. Every bite, was flavorful and appreciated. I chose to take half of both the fries and burger home to relish in leftovers the next day and continue spirits and convo with my friends and anyone who walked in. It’s just that comfortable there. 

 My friends and I settled up at the bar and summoned another Lyft back home, careful to not leave my leftovers. The night ended with the usual “love you’s” and “let us know when you get in” before going our separate ways. Everybody made it home safely and slumbered without hesitation. Around 1:00 we all began communicating about our awesome night and the underlying theme in all of our recollections…”That damn burger” everybody had a different burger but everybody raved about their unique burger. “It reheated well”, “the bun was magic”, “ It was seasoned well”, “ the sauce was amazing”, etc. So much so that we may have officially branded it the “Night Ender” (a spot that you end your night of drinking with, it MUST have good food and ambiance).

Chef Garces, you have yourself a winner here Sir, we will be back…