Savage X Fenty Lingerie by Rihanna  

She did it again… Rihanna, the Bajan princess and quite arguably one of the sexiest women alive is a whole mood.   A walking triple threat. Ri Ri can do your makeup, dress you like a vixen and sing your evening into seduction.   If you could imagine your ultimate fantasy sexy outfit for an evening of pleasure, chances are you’ve seen it on her and its on her website If you’re looking for leather pasties, handcuffs, garter belts, whips, restraints, bralettes, panties, sleepwear or newly added Halloween costumes; she has it all. 

I can appreciate the availability of the things that I would usually have to venture down South Street for and leave with that obvious ass opaque black bag that is a clear sign I bought some shit that I wouldn’t want to show my mother, scour the cheapest and skankiest parts of the internet for or God forbid…Go to Frederick’s of Hollywood. Are they still around? Believe it or not, they are. And their site has a noticeable Fenty Savage feel to it. They had a nerve to have an African model; for years the darkest skin they would promote would be maybe hispanic. They didn’t start posting us up until now but whatever, back to Ri. 

Visually the representation of both average and plus sized models is refreshing, when shopping if you don’t fit the average mold you still want to see what the product would look like on a person similar to your frame. It serves me no purpose to just look at a skinny ass model in the set that I have my eye on because I have substantially more curves than her. Finally somebody gets it and goes the extra mile to showcase it in the best light possible, you have some sites that in order to show diversity, will just showcase a fat model. It serves no purpose to just showcase somebody fat, show us sexy fat so that I’ll be confident to put my extra curves in your shit. Nobody is looking to buy poorly made materials for the sake of buying it, we want to feel sexy and desirable not like we’re taking those “before” weight loss pics. The Xtra Membership valued at $50 annually offers, early access to new items, free shipping and returns and early access to styles hand picked by Rihanna…#Winning

Whether your desire is to be outwardly insatiable or deceptively naughty under your power suit, this is the spot. In case you’re still not a believer, check out the pics from the Savage X show at New York Fashion Week. The lingerie line’s first showing at fashion week was truly unforgettable with notably 2 very pregnant models Janina Thompson and Slick Woods who was in active labor during the show! From choreographed dance routines, to diverse representation and artistic scenery, the designer line will undoubtedly be highly anticipated for next year’s lineup.