Dear Leah B.,

Tell me how you think its okay to watch March Madness and scream like you’re in a bar while sitting in a cubicle in the office?


Really Irritated in Philly

Dear Really Irritated in Philly, 

Outta Pocket… First off, this person is in violation of Office TV 101. If you’re going to watch something while at work, Lord please don’t let it be something that evokes major emotion! This includes: Sports, This is Us, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Etc. If you know you have the potential to “get hype” while watching, ESPECIALLY sports, you might wanna keep that shit on the low. Have your desk prepped in the following ways if you value your job:

  1. Install or position a stylish mirror in your cube to prepare you for unexpected visitors. It should be pointed toward the entrance to your space so that you may see who’s approaching BEFORE they’re completely in your space. Get your go-to screen (the one that click on when someone suddenly appears in your cube. Position any documents related to the task that you’re working on, on the desk in the direction of your line of vision so that if someone walks up they can’t tell if you’re looking at the document or the screen. Shut the fuck up…Nobody should know you’re watching anything!
  2. Second, does this person not have enough work to do? I feel like if they’re watching post up and rebounds between 9 and 5, they might not have enough to do.

Advice: It depends on if you like this person or not!

  1. If you like them: While you’re eating lunch in the cafeteria, let em know “you’re tripping with the March Madness and gonna get your dumbass fired, then it’s really gonna be March Madness with those bills…
  2. If you don’t like them: Straight dry snitch them out! Next time you’re in the presence of their direct Supervisor, casually bring up the sport of basketball and how it’s March Madness. That’s the bait. Once hooked, say oh yeah Linda can help you understand how it works; she stays up on the games usually around (whatever time the games come on during the workday) she watches the games for her bracket predictions! They’ll never have another outburst once the Supervisor drops by to repeatedly during game time…

Leah B.