Dear Leah B.,

Tell me how to go about getting the job of my dreams! I am currently an Assistant Principal for a charter school, but I want to make the switch over to Operations in the School District that I work in. I am monitoring the job board for district jobs that pertain to Operations but don’t see the position that I want yet, Can you tell me how to go about it?


Need a New Job

Dear Need a New Job, 

You need friends, friends in the school district office that you want to work in. You need an in, somebody to alert you when something is coming down the pipeline that may interest you and somebody to sing your praises to get you in front of the person that will hire you. Start small; find a reason to visit the office that you want to work in. Are there trainings that you can attend there, workshops, school-based events? Anything that can get you in the door to be friendly while there; Once there, put on your networking hat and start selling yourself, have your resume constantly updated and on your person ready for distribution anytime you are in that building or in the presence of an employee that works there, exchange business cards, get LinkedIn info and find a way to keep in contact. Not stalking, business appropriate contact. Don’t be the creepy bitch that keeps coming around weirdly, be the awesome bitch that everybody wants on their team…Good Luck!

Leah B.